Sunday, July 11, 2010

Out Walking

  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 2010 6:17 PM, MST
    Special greetings to my friends at Terros especially my partner, Lupe, who I miss dearly. I've said it before on the blog but it's worth repeating.... I am so appreciative to Lupe for going to the hospital twice with me in one week!! Seeing your entry put a huge smile on my face because I'm proud of you, my friend, for figuring out how to type an entry on this blog!!! 
    Also, a special thanks to my co-workers who were in the office last Thursday and helped me stay calm.......enough said there.
    I did some hill training today thanks to my mom of all people. About 5 p.m., mom suggested we go for another stroll. This time, however, the park bench that we turned around at this morning was in the sun so I had no other option but to extend my walk. Mom and I turned into the park where I picked up the pace on the slight decline to a shaded bench. During our 15 minute rest, I mustered up enough strength to make it up that incline. All those South Mtn. hill repeats over the years paid off! Once we were back at home, and I was flat on the couch, mom congratulated me but then added, "Oh, you have just one more walk to get in later tonight!" I'll be in shape in no time if my mom has anything to do with my comeback. 

  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 2010 10:25 AM, MST
    I have some terrific news! Not only did I walk a bit further today with my mom (this time we made it to the bench in my neighborhood park where we stopped and took a breather) but my surgeon's office called and all of my home health care begins tomorrow.....that includes nursing, OT, PT, and an aide. Wahooo! The power of prayers. Little does my home health care team know what they're in for :) 

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