Thursday, July 8, 2010

Many Thanks

SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2010 10:33 PM, MST
Having difficulty getting to sleep so I thought I'd following some the advice I often give clients....journal :) 

There are a few people who in the last week or so have played significant roles. First off, Rob and Christina were the last ones to run with me on Wed., April 28 at South Mountain. Rob-thank you for stopping and walking (or standing) with me to catch my breathe when I just couldn't tackle those inclines. Christina-after our run you wouldn't let me leave without calling my cardiologist's office. Thank you! Finally, Lupe-my partner at work. Lupe took me to Phoenix St. Luke's not once but twice in one week. The first time was when my cardiologist's office called at 8 am on Thursday, April 29 and strongly suggested I be at St. Luke's at 11 that morning for a catherization. I wanted to put it off so that I could finish my shift but Lupe put things into perspective for me. He drove me to the hospital and escorted me to the catherization lab. I couldn't have snuck out of the hospital had I tried. When I woke up from the catherization, my high school friend, Carolyn, and Nancy, my dear friend from the American Heart Association were standing at my side and conferred with my cardiologist. Thank you, ladies. Your presence was so comforting. Lupe came to my rescue again this past Thursday. We were at base in between calls when I began to feel pretty sick. Lupe calmly called my cardiothorasic surgeon who advised calling Fire and they took me to St. Luke's. Good thing. When I got to ER my BP was 200/90. Yikes! You are all so awesome. 

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