Saturday, July 17, 2010

Four Weeks To Go

SATURDAY, JULY 17, 2010 2:55 PM, MST
Eight weeks down and four more to go before my restrictions of lifting, pushing, and raising my arms overhead are lifted. I really miss lifting upper body weights, but more than that, I miss doing push-ups! With all of that comes physical strength and I can't wait to get that back. But for now, the three pound weights will have to suffice.

This morning, Kyle (who turns 10 next month) came up to me and said: "Mom, I hope you never have to go back into the hospital because that wouldn't be a good thing. If the surgery doesn't work or if you have another heart attack then you have to go to the hospital. But I know to call 9-1-1 if something happens to you. Sometimes I think about that when I sleep." Kyle then went on to mention a time when he and Katrina had to sleep over at my friend, Christie's house because I was in the hospital. He remembers but I don't...just too many hospital and ER visits over the last four years.

Wow! I often wondering how having a mom with heart disease will impact both Katrina and Kyle. Katrina, who has always wanted to be a teacher, told me the other day she is thinking about going into the medical field. Kyle wants to be a firefighter. He is extremely sensitive to my needs and always very inquisitive  about my condition. While he and Katrina were in MI last week, Kyle asked me nearly every day how my scar is coming along. He has been taking periodic photos of the scar so we can see the healing process. 


  1. It was 5 days off. My knee is bugging me tonight too. I want to be healthy for camp. I wonder though if I'm just too focused on it? You know, what you focus on grows. Gosh, I love this journey. hahaha