Friday, July 16, 2010

Best Friends

SUNDAY, JUNE 13, 2010 3:07 PM, MST
There's nothing quite like girl power! There was plenty of that at my house this weekend. My BFF's from high school (Jill, who flew in from San Francisco and Carolyn, who drove down from north Phoenix) were here for a sleepover last night. Carolyn's 11-year-old daughter, Christina came along and kept Katrina company. Five women in the house, what a blast! Given that Carolyn, Jill, and I have known each other for 30+ years, we are never at a loss for conversation nor is there ever any shortage of red wine! Yes, I finally followed by cardiothorasic surgeon's advice and had a glass or thereabout. There's nothing like having best friends at your side during difficult times. Whether through laughter or tears, Jill and Carolyn instictively know how to make my troubles and worries disappear if only momentarily. We've seen each other through life's most tragic times including the deaths of one of our other BFF's from high school, the death of my sister, and most recently, the passing of Carolyn's father when Jill and I flew to Wisconsin to be by Carolyn's side. Although we are never sure when, where or what will reunite us, we always manage to come together from our various ends of the county, country or world (Jill often travels to India for business, works in San Francisco, but flies to WI frequently to be with her family). So even with all of life's uncertainties, our friendship is the one constant that the three of us can count on and that is truly priceless! 

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