Saturday, August 21, 2010

Unanswered Questions

Well, I'm not feeling as well as I did in the hospital. Although the chest pain/squeezing/tightness are gone, I still am getting quite fatigued which is leading to weakness and then the inability to pretty much function. How incredibly frustrating after feeling so great! I had a follow-up appointment next Wednesday with Dr. Heuser but will now go in this Friday to see the nurse practitioner who has always been extremely helpful. Is it the mere fact that I pushed too fast and too hard too soon? Could it be a side effect from any of my meds? Is it something completely unrelated to my heart stuff? Possible but my gut feeling is that it's not. Perhaps I just really need to scale back my activities because physically I really am still recovering? Maybe my expectations of myself are too high? As of tonight's class, I'm taking a leave of absence from teaching the RE class much to my disappointment. I hope to get some clarification Friday when the nurse can review with me my cath report and hopefully provide answers that will give me some peace of mind. 

Here's an uplifting thought:  we're one day closer to cooler temps :)  

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