Saturday, August 21, 2010

My First Fill Mile

I ran my first full mile (10:20) yesterday on the treadmill (my least favorite) at the gym 13 weeks after the surgery. I think it would have happened a tad bit sooner had I not had the complication with the low iron but I'm just glad it happened! There really isn't anything that gives me a more natural high than running, and I can tell that my mood is certainly improving as I'm (slowly) increasing my physical activity including lifting some weights.

I had more blood drawn earlier this week to get an updated count of my iron and hemoglobin and some other levels (ie: thyroid). I'll get the report early next week from Dr. Heuser's office.  Although I am feeling better than I did since leaving the hospital two weekends ago, I still have some moments of lightheadedness and some fatigue due to the anemia (and the latter from surgery).  

Isn't this combination of heat and humidity absolutely unbearable? I can't believe I used to train in this stuff. I wonder if my body will ever be able to handle the stress of running in our summer weather. I'm sure it will just not this summer. 

Stay cool but don't let the excuse of our summer temps keep you from exercising your heart! 

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